test method VG40 specification
D2170 400±80 Viscosity 60 (℃ )pa .s
D.5 20 min Penetration at 25℃
D2171 300 min Viscosity 135 (℃ )〖mm〗^2/s
D.92 230 min Flash point (℃)
D4 %99 min Solubility in TCE (%wt)
D2170 2000 max Viscosity 60 (℃ )pa .s
D.113 10 min Ductility at 25 ℃


VG GRADE bitumen is called a grade of refinery bitumen obtained from the vacuum aeration of the distillation tower and divided according to their viscosity. The most common use of this type of bitumen is in road construction, insulation, building construction and liquid bitumen production. In terms of place of use, VG30 bitumen is more suitable for temperate climates.


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