Contracting :

The construction of a factory or the construction of a factory refers to the construction within an industrial unit, which is usually done in the form of building a shed or a hall, and the last stage, which usually involves the use of the factory, is the start-up of the factory, which means the installation of the machine. The devices and the production line of the factory and starting their work are for the purpose of trial production. And it is one of the other services of this company.

Transportation :

Omid Middle East Lubricants Company in the field of transportation of oil derivatives such as bitumen. mc250. Vacuum. Extract that is in bulk. The barrel is fully prepared and sends the product to your destination



Sending oil derivatives from the factory to all over the world and performing all clearance, customs, etc. services are among other services of Ravankaran Omid Middle East.


Other services of Omid Middle East Lubricants include 24-hour support in the field of all services provided: transportation, contracting, trading, which are tried by experienced experts to meet the needs of customers.