Light hydrocarbon

Result Unit Analysis
750 g/ccm Density@15°c
92 RON
85 MON
D (7/7)% Benzene
36.2 (7/7)% aromatic content
0.0 (7/7)% Olefins)
11.1 (7/7)% Oxygenates
/ (7/7)% Ethanol content
/ (7/7)% Methanol
1.66 (7/7)% Toluene
3.1 mg/l MMT
/ mg/l Manganese
3.10 (7/7)% MTBE
/ mg/l TAME
/ (7/7)% ETBE
35.4 IBP
/ 10% vol.recovered at
/ 50% vol.recovered at
/ 90% vol.recovered at
193.1 FBP
7.55 psi vapor pressure at 37.8c°
200 (Mass/v)% sulfur content
*** gpb/l load content
0.5 color


light hydrocarbon:
Light hydrocarbons are a group of hydrocarbons that have a density of less than 0.8 grams per cubic centimeter and are usually between 40 and 270 degrees Celsius. The application of light hydrocarbon is that it is mostly used as a solvent and is usually used to produce aromatic compounds and gasoline with a high octane number. The point that you should know about light hydrocarbons is that light hydrocarbons have chains of five to twelve carbons, and that is why it differs from other hydrocarbons.


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