Heavy hydrocarbon

ASTM Test Method SAE Grade specification
10w-40 15w-40 20w-50
0.445 19 14.5 14.5 viscosity @100ºc,cst
D2270 120 130 150 viscosity index
D92 200 200 200 flashpoint,ºc,min
D97 -24 -24 -30 pourpoint,ºc,max
D2896 6 6 6 TBN,mgKOH/g,min
D1298 890 885 860 Density@15ºc,kg/m
D5293 9500 7000 7000 CCS,cP,Max


Heavy hydrocarbon is one of the mid-distillation fuels, which has a good function in household and industrial burners, as well as internal combustion diesel engines. Regarding heavy hydrocarbon, we must tell you that this substance is considered one of the intermediate fuels of the oil refinery, which has a combination of resin and alkyl, which, according to its origin, can include a significant part of the oil.


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